tender storytimes

nothing is ordinary.
whenever the magic of creation
sails from a gate of grace
to the wide of daily adventuring
each small discovery is a treasure.
and the dearest harbors are weaved
of our ancient shades
and a misted longing
to witness nature’s melody.
to map the soul of being




(art by Valery Artamonov)

ты здесь

вдохнув акварельное небо
собирать все литании
все осколки летних городов
там, где беcконечность
и сине-солёное море
отражает всю нежность тихих

даже тех, где остались
только полустёртые графики
ранних поездов
но где так уютно молчать
не нуждаясь в лишней явности


whenever i dive
to honor the summer
of your underwater gardens
twelve petals of lotus
drift on the sea surface
close to the shore
of a slow lantern moon
where you spoke
of how the heart glorifies
a windworn path

a tea-blue hour emerges
from a dusky fragment

you are every star

canvas of light

soft sundew is an ache,
yet also a relief,
a willow stirring
at the sight of early birds
along the lotus diary.

silver of small horizons,
sacred to the vision
of a cloud’s realm,
warmed with a prayer
tenderly as summer

(art by Veneta Docheva)

(from a diary)

it’s often
for the chiming
of a silver hour
a star is falling
to be risen in a field
that echoes sea

it’s often
for no reason
when a straying
floats the grail
of timelessness

a freedom is a heart
that knows no logic
but the ardor
of sky wings




(art by Dirk Wüstenhagen)


how in the gathering
of rose and wind,
so lightly dew-rushed and immediate,
the seventh sense is summering
a wakeful wisdom to a heartbeat
of a dream

even before
soft fireflies appear

in the open

with every zephyr whisper
the teasel’s wistful whimsy
glows a delicate strength

with every drifting notion
of how to shelter a mystery
the field sanctifies breath

homecoming is in the sway
of listening




(art by Robert Bissell)


le calme
qui révèle le monde
ne s’estompe pas
mais miroite
à travers un champ
d’herbe douce,
des nuages libres,
des fleurs cachées

le calme
qui révèle le monde
est rempli de tendresse

(image: Dirk Wüstenhagen)