..hand in hand..

within a melding of skies
a cloud tear beams sunlike
spanning a soft sighing
of joys subtly thriving

..and beneath
in small willow steps
a gentle carrier of the soul
shadows the path with dove tones
until a bloom is dawningb-1252


с закрытыми глазами

нарисуй аромат ночного леса
в тишине утреннего сада.
хрупкость и силу всего, что дышит цветами,
безмерность неба и прикосновение облаков
из нежного сна.
представь, что летишь
сквозь поля самых теплых воспоминаний,
а весь мир – объятие июньского дождяb-794_phixr

for my mother

teeming with whirl
of jasmine petals, soft and airborn
the ancient lore is echoed
from the sand of moon-spun isles.
nearing the wood of north,
a mynah bird unravels summer blossom
where the maple arbor
shapes a hidden grail of elven light.
dream-winged and timeless,
Venus of the weald appears
holding an amber jar of  stars
to scatter melodies of sky.
vessel of rain is carrying the sparrow’s hope,
shores are shining.
she speaks in languages of dew and song
released to fly


how to express
the early laughter of fireflies
humming a lush thunder hymn
into windows of a heather-hut..
a shy bloom of meadow clouds
feathered on the face of dusk
and a quiet belief
in each blue breath of summer..
your willow sun of stillness
cooled on the lake
by a warm karelian breeze
reaching the soul
from the depth of a forest heart
or a soft dim universe of your eyes

so i dance for you..

some words can’t be put
into any existing letters.
they just hover most sacredly
devoid of any destination
above the silent meadows and waters
spreading the wind’s blue longing.
and no land of the soul
is foreign to their luminous form.


fragments of the sky
on simple grey of pavements
the city listens
to a train reciting blues
through summer windows,
keepers of warm rain.
a satin shadow sails by,
a meadow wind’s
regained with melody.
each stir of ocean
is a music to the bones.


only moonlight sees
those lands in my soul
where you’ve been
and each time we embrace
silvers of a sonata shine
along the paths
of quiet spring breeze