zart sind die Herzenvögel
am Rande der Nachtmusik-
entlang der Äonen und Meilen
den Weihrauch der Erde atmend,
ihrer heiligen Heimat

(kunstwerk: Morten E. Solberg)


всё, что разбито
слишком незаметно,
слишком хрустально,
расцветает очень тихо
и лишь там, где свободно

magic field

a recipe for flying:

slice of nettle cheese,
a cup of honey fennel tea,
a blooming ton of whimsy

and if one’s curious enough-
a gleeful jig beyond the gravity

(art by Olga Novitskaya)


in a delirium
of deep cadences
winged in its calling
wakeful on the edge
of every journey-
the abundance
of sylvan wonders
waltzing and scented
as an alchemy of hours
closest to the heart
of melody wine

(art by 신종식)


the straying moon is soft
and shining meadow listens
while city echoes
breathe a willow thought
that’s moving wind.
wild sheltering
beneath an afterglow
is where hopes don’t wither
but tremble into air
reaching whispered sea

small steps are gifts
like whimsy dragonflies
ablush with summer,
a tender bell is chiming
near the vesper room.
grail is a world
that can’t be measured
only held in quietness,
a lantern guarding flames
untamed- that ever bloom

(art by Veneta Docheva)